Citizens for GMO Labeling is a grassroots movement of parents, farmers and citizens dedicated to regaining our basic right to know what we are eating and feeding our families.  We are taking back our food, our government, and our children’s future.

More States Join “Citizens for GMO Labeling”
At Citizens for GMO Labeling, our primary goal is to support the activists in the field with professional campaign resources, not to replace them.  We know that local leaders have the passion to make these campaigns work.  We are excited to announce today that leaders in Florida, Vermont, Delaware and Maryland have joined our network.  Click here to view links to all the states working with CFGL.

Washington State Ballot Initiative
While the margin, continues to close as mail in ballots continue to arrive in Washington state, it is now clear that I-522 will not succeed.  Click here to read our reaction to the Washington ballot initiative defeat.

Thanks SUJA for your support of Citizens for GMO Labeling!


Thanks to Suja who has agreed to donate $0.20 for each bottle sold of their newest flavor, “Berryoxidant” in their “Elements” line, to Citizens for GMO Labeling.  The 12 ounce product, with a lower price point, is gaining market share  quickly.  We are very excited about this partnership and the support it will allow us to provide to state legislative efforts.  Look for this product now in a “Whole Foods Market” near you. Click here for more information.

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