Citizens for GMO Labeling is a grassroots movement of parents, farmers and citizens dedicated to regaining our basic right to know what we are eating and feeding our families.  We are taking back our food, our government, and our children’s future.

The Year Ahead – 2015

I the wake of the narrow defeat in Oregon of Measure 92, state activists throughout the country remain energized in the fight for food transparency.  We know that it is likely that more Oregon voters cast ballots in favor or Measure 92 than against, but some challenges in the election system went against us.  The good news is that people are hearing our call and stepping up.

Victories in Vermont, Connecticut and Maine are paving the way for states to take the lead on GMO Labeling.  With that said, The DARK Act, sponsored by Congressman Pompeo, looks to take that right away from states.  We need to marshall support throughout the country to send a message to DC that special interests cannot take away our right to know what’s in our food.

At Citizens for GMO Labeling, our primary goal is to support the activists in the field with professional campaign resources, not to replace them.  We know that local leaders have the passion to make these campaigns work.  We are excited to announce today that our list of state leaders continue to grow.  Click here to view links to all the states working with CFGL.

If you are a state leader and are interested in working with CFGL, please reach out to us.  Drop us a note at and we’ll get right back in touch.

Thanks to the following for their support of Citizens for GMO Labeling!